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Finance FAQ

What is a vehicle protection plan?
A vehicle protection plan is also known as an extended vehicle service contract.  These plans offer protection against the high cost of repairs in the case of a mechanical breakdown. They protect you and your family from costly out of pocket expenses that may not be covered at any point during your ownership of a car. Along with coverage for major components on your car, these plans include roadside assistance. That includes towing, fluid delivery, tire service, battery jump starts and locksmith service.  These plans complement a manufacturer's warranty program and are important when your car is outside of its factory warranty period. We work with you to determine which plan is best based on your budget and driving habits. Then you decide what plan is best for you!

What should I know before buying a vehicle protection plan?
Before you purchase, have a budget target in mind for coverage. Also think about your car's age and current mileage and how long you will keep your car. Have you already paid a large bill to have service or a major part on your car fixed? If so you can appreciate and understand the value of a protection plan.

How are Protection Plans different than ones I can buy on the Internet?
When choosing a plan it is important to look at the company that administers and insures the plan.   Look for a company with excellent customer care and support. We are staffed by knowledgeable customer care specialists who understand vehicle protection plans and will assist you before, during and after the sale. We offer a no-pressure, consultative sales environment. We will not pressure you into making a decision you are not comfortable with. Signature Protection Plans also offer a transfer for a private party sale or if you hand your car down to someone in your family.

My car came with Lifetime Powertrain Coverage. Am I completely covered?
A powertrain plan typically covers the engine, transmission, drive axle and transfer case and cooling systems. These are only a few of the many component categories on a car. We can offer you a higher level of coverage along with your Powertrain plan to cover the other key categories.

What if I wait and buy a plan later?
Typically the longer you own your vehicle the more a plan costs. The probability for mechanical failure increases with age and mileage. You may be better off buying a plan early in your ownership period.

Are parts, labor, and other expenses covered?
Yes, Signature Vehicle Protection Plans cover parts and labor subject only to the applicable deductible. Think of the big parts on your vehicle such as the alternator, generator, power window motor, fuel pump, water pump or the engine! Labor costs to replace these important parts vary but many repair facilities charge around $100 per hour. We cover the labor required to replace your covered part.Vehicle Protection Plans do not cover routine maintenance items such as wiper blades, oil changes or windshield washer fluid. 

Is there a deductible?
Yes, with any Protection Plan there is a deductible per visit.

Do Protection Plans come with roadside assistance?
Yes, they do. This is a very important part of your plan and something that may provide great value should you need to use it. We offer the following roadside assistance benefits to get you back on the road quickly!
    * Jump Starts
    * Flat Tire Changes
    *Locksmith Service
    * Fluid Delivery 

How much do Protection Plans cost?
It is our mission to place you in the best possible plan. Your cost will vary based on many factors, including the type of car you own, the current number of miles and the plan you select. We have plans to fit any budget and will walk you through all of your options.

Can I purchase a vehicle protection plan for a new, used or leased vehicle?
Yes, protection is available for a new, used or leased vehicle.

Is your vehicle still under the manufacturer's warranty? Did you receive a special warranty plan when you purchased your car?
Protection Plans typically complement these warranties. Let us know this, and we can help you decide what plan is best based on that information.

What if I sell my car. Can I transfer my vehicle protection plan?
Yes, your plan is transferable, subject only to a small transfer fee. We can provide you the proper paperwork you need for a private party sale transfer


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