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- Megan Middleton:  This was my first ever dealership car purchase. I worked with salesman Brett Thedford and the experience was very pleasant. I knew which model I wanted and Brett made sure he had exactly what I asked for in stock before I showed up. He went above and beyond attempting to get me every discount available and made the process as smooth as possible. I had heard horror stories about the finance process but Ryan Smith made it as fun as could be and I was completely processed in less than thirty minutes.

- George Rotola: I had the distinct pleasure to bring my 1 year old Mazda 6 into the service department today for an oil change, tire rotation and a recall repair. From the moment I opened up my car door I was approached by a very friendly and professional service writer ( Courtney ). She was very thorough and assuring. She gave me an estimate of completion and directed me to the waiting area. The customer lounge was clean and comfortable. I was there for about 2 hrs and everyone couldn't have been more courteous. Courtney delivered the car almost to the minute of the time she had estimated. She explained what had been done and once again could not have been more professional. I will definitely visit their service department in the future

- Jesse Ruch:  I had a nice time at Mazda of Lakewood. I went there to see about my possible options for buying a new or used car. They were very informative and helpful. Kay was my primary sales associate. She was very nice, professional and courteous. Brett was also helpful in articulating my circumstances to the higher ups. I had another gentleman helping me out, but I didn't catch his name, but also very nice. Even though I did not end up purchasing a vehicle from them today, I would highly recommend them, and will go back when circumstances permit. The experience was pleasant in comparison to other dealerships I have been to in the pas,t. Also, I learned that Mazda offers free oil changes for life on their new cars!


- Nithesh Reddy Dasari:  Amazing service is an under statement to describe Mazda of Lakewood. I had my first visit today for an oil change, krista the service manager was fantastic, she answered all my questions and treated me really well. Krista you're the best. Thank you so much. I highly recommend Mazda of Lakewood to anyone looking to service your Mazda.Alicia Skrtich:  Devon in the service department was great while working with my Mazda 5, worked with my situation and my parts. Danyal in sales was exceptional with getting the right financing for the situation. Thank you, Mazda of Lakewood.. You made this experience smooth. Free oil changes, what! :)

- James Hinshaw:  The service was really good and informative. The test drive was just the same. I walked in their wanting to only look at the Mazda Cx-5 Grand Touring, but instead walked out with it bought. If you're looking for a fuel efficient, homely, normal car, then I'd recommend Mazda of Lakewood.

-  Thang Nguyen: We were contacted over the phone within minutes of placing an inquiry online. Each staff member of Mazda of Lakewood we came in contact with was helpful and not pushing for sales or extra services. Brett Thedford took care of us for most of the process and was not only knowledgeable and effective but he went the extra mile, almost literally, across their vast lot to find us the new model we didn't even think we were looking for! The pricing and financing delighted us - thanks to Eddie Colin's willingness to make it happen - he respected that we wanted to sleep on it but we knew we wanted that car at that price and we drove it off the lot the day after - I think we spent less than 5 hours total over two days to close the deal. I hope this is not an exception and that all new car purchase stories are at least similar to ours. Go Zoom Zoom Brett!

- Maame Araba: Great people, lovely service!! Ask for Brett, awesome gentleman. Made it a lovely car buying experience for us (and the antsy kids got balloons. Small gesture, yes, but it got them very excited). The drive there was so worth it. Thanks Brett, we love our new Mazda 3! 

- Metaether Productions: Great service! Just bought a used CRV. Todd in Sales and Jerry in Financing made this process and smooth and easy as it could be. Highly recommended.

-Alicia Skrtich:  Devon in the service department was great while working with my Mazda 5, worked with my situation and my parts. Danyal in sales was exceptional with getting the right financing for the situation. Thank you, Mazda of Lakewood.. You made this experience smooth. Free oil changes, what! :)

Mazda of Lakewood YELP Reviews:
- Sason D. : I simply walked in and Peter at service was awesome in so many ways. Thanks man, i'll be back soon!

- Michael C. : Devin in service was quick efficient and professional. Asset to any company. I walked in without an appointment for what I had hoped would be a warranty claim. It was not covered under warranty however he was able to quickly troubleshoot and find a viable solution that not only solved my problem but didn't cost an excessive amount. This has enabled me to continue on my way quickly and easily. Thanks again devin

- Laura R. : Great dealership. Ryan sold us our 2015 Mazda CX-5 and he was incredibly helpful. He didn't waste our time, and gave us a price that was $800 better than any other dealer could come close to.

- Tim B. : Excellent Customer Service! Happy with our car buying experience. Thanks Mark Motazedi!

- Scott P. : Two days before leaving Baltimore, I got robbed at gunpoint (and y'all told me that Colfax was 'sketchy'?? I think I've got this covered, kids!). Two days after I arrive in Denver, my 96 Saturn gets stolen. Welcome to my life, yo. My girlfriend at the time had a Mazda 3. I wasn't hugely familiar with Mazdas, but she convinced me to take a look at the 2010 models. Oh MAH GAWD! Pure, unadulterated sex. The body had been resculpted, and they looked NICE! Then I testdrove one. This is the best way that I can describe it:  Have you ever scratched a cat right at the point where it's tail meets it's haunches? You know how it sticks it's butt straight up in the air?? That's what it's like to put your foot on the pedal of a Mazda. Give her a little gas, and she just arches up her back and screams "Yes, daddy!!".So... long story short, I really wanted a 2010 Mazda. I'd normally never buy a brand new car, but I just couldn't help myself. So we (my gf at the time) went to go check out a few car places. We started here, and ended here. Now, don't get me wrong- we dealt with some really great people, and saw some really great cars during our voyage, but in the end, nothing compared to what we were shown here at this dealership. I had a very definite price point in mind, and suffice to say, it weren't a lot of money that I was bringing to the table. Luckily, my credit (at the time...) was spotless, so they were able to fenagle an incredible deal for me. We sat for hours at the table- offer, counteroffer, offer, counteroffer, then the manager came to sit in and make it happen. Now, I can't take credit for the negotiations- that was all her (my gf). What I can tell you is that they (the manager and Rose, the salesperson) dealt with us in an extremely professional, pleasant manner. After a bit of working, it was agreed that I could basically cherrypick whatever I wanted. I went out to the lot. I looked at a few color swatches. This gunmetal blue intrigues me. But I dunno... the picture doesn't really do it justice... wait a minute... the sun just came out... OMGKJKLjkekh;lkglkl;!!!!!!! The minute I saw the sun sparkling on that gorgeous paint, my heart was SOLD. Sign the papers, make it happen. Boom, done. Problem:  We don't have one of those here... but we DO have it with the deluxe package (Bose speakers, sunroof, Bluetooth). For really not that much more than I was planning to spend in the first place. Done, and done. And I'm SO glad I did. Those Bose speakers put out a sound to be envied.So, to sum up my purchasing experience, I can't give it any less than five stars. The people who I dealt with were nothing short of amazing. They invited us to their parties. They gave us coupons. They (as corny as this sounds...) made us feel like we were part of the 'family' (not even a few weeks later my gf purchased a beautiful jeep from them). I drove off the lot one extremely happy dude. So then I brought my car in to get the windows tinted. I was feeling pretty sick, but was just planning to get some Zzz's at the dealership. Nah- Rose wasn't having it. She went and got a key for a loaner car and insisted that I go home and get some rest. She wouldn't take no for an answer. So I did- and slept right through her call when my car was finished. Not a problem, just come pick up the car whenever you feel like it. Once again, a five-star custome service experience. I can't really say enough for these people. ... but wait... I think I just did!!

Mazda of Lakewood DealerRater Reviews:
- Carol S: "Great family owned dealership" "I bought a new Mazda3 in 2014. There were a few hiccups finalizing the deal but the manager and staff made up for them by sweetening the price and going out of the way to make sure I was satisfied. Dan took me for the "inaugural" drive of my car and oriented me to the features. He then gave me his card and said to call with any questions. Two weeks later, I had a flat on the interstate and needed to contact roadside assistance. I found Dan's card and he guided me on what to do. The same level of personal attention has applied to my experience thus far with the service department as well. My daughter has needed a car for a while and last week the time had come. Based on my faith in Mazda of Lakewood to take good care of customers, I knew that was where we would find her the right car and the best deal. I started with Dan helping me. He was not there the next morning when I went back and had my daughter with me. But, he responded to my phone calls and made sure we got connected with sales staff who then expertly and efficiently finalized the sale. My daughter got the car that she had fallen in love with--another 2014 Mazda3. I will cut a break for minor stuff that goes wrong--it can happen to anyone. What really matters is the overall experience and the way those minor glitches are handled. I am more than satisfied with Mazda of Lakewood. Carol Stephens"

- 11michaelm: "Excellent experience!" "Helpful staff. Everyone I came in contact with genuinely seemed to like working there and were willing to work with me to help me get the car I wanted, with the accessories I wanted, within my budget. No attempt to play price/negotiation games. Highly recommended."

- Scottwlp: "Best buying experience ever" "I live 500 miles from this dealership, but I'm so glad I took the time to find Mazda of Lakewood. Although we did this entire sale mostly through email and on the phone, the experience was great! Brett Thedford was awesome and the entire staff and process was fabulous! If you're looking to buy a Mazda, this is the place!"

- M.T.Pockets: "So Glad I Found This Dealership" "Very pleased with Mazda of Lakewood. We bought a 2014 Mazda3 hatchback from Dominic. He treated us with great respect and helped us get exactly the car we wanted at a rock bottom price. My daughter was ready to buy her first car, so I volunteered to help her out and show her the ropes. I researched every Mazda dealer in a large area (SD, MN, IA, NE, KS and CO). Mazda of Lakewood had the lowest price, and shockingly also had the best salesman and best customer service. Talking with the salesmen at most dealerships gave me the creeps. Dominic at Mazda of Lakewood was the exception. From the start he was focused on helping us get our dream car and never played any games, pulled tricks or tried to screw us. His sales manager stayed involved in our discussions and was equally focused on treating us right. We're very pleased with our purchase and will be happy to buy our next car from Dominic."

- Allen_wright: "Easy purchase" "I purchased 2014 Mazda CX-5 AWD Grand Touring Automatic I love the way it performs on the highway and up the hills. Mark M at Mazda of Lakewood made a hard car buying process look very easy. From the time we met to the finish he was a professional. I would recommend Mazda of Lakewood to anyone looking for a Mazda."

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