Check Out This Season’s Hottest Mazda Gifts!

December 16th, 2021 by

This Mazda Gift Guide Has the Perfect Accessories for Your New Mazda Car!

Christmas is right around the corner. And if you have a Mazda car, it can feel like Christmas happens all year long! So, if you forgot to get a present for yourself, then you’ve got an entire year’s worth of prime gift-giving time to accessorize your Mazda further.

Whether you want to make sure there’s something waiting under the tree for your special Mazda car—or if you just want some things added to the wishlist for when those “treat yo’self” days roll around—this Mazda gift guide has you covered. Let’s take a look!

If You Don’t Have a Sun Shade, Get a Sun Shade

As a note to the uninitiated, sun shades are those big reflective inserts that go on your dashboard to keep the sun out on a hot day. Another note for the uninitiated: 

“Get a sunshade, now!”

These screens accomplish a lot more than just making your front seat look like a spaceship (or giant floating team logo). A good sunshade will keep the heat out of your cabin on a hot day, which has a ton of benefits. Beyond preventing your front seat from turning into a furnace during the summer, a sunshade is also good for your car’s long-term health. Everything in your cabin, from the upholstery to the tech, can be damaged by too much direct sunlight, and a sunshade goes a long way in preventing this.

Clean Like a Dealership (By Using Their Cleaning Products)

We get it: talking about cleaning products in a gift list feels weird. So it can be difficult to appreciate the difference professional cleaning products make, especially when you realize they can often be less expensive than regular grocery-store brands.

Next time you visit your Mazda dealership, swing by their parts and accessories department to take a look at what Mazda cleaning products they have for sale. These are likely to be the same products they’re using to clean cars, which is a huge endorsement of their quality. Having the right product makes a massive difference when it comes to the final result—something you’ll quickly appreciate once you’ve recaptured that “new car” interior.


Very few, if any, products promise to revolutionize driving the way HomeLink does. This cutting-edge system takes a lot of the stress and guesswork (stresswork?) out of your daily commute. By pairing with smart devices around your house, HomeLink allows you to set up device routines that effectively automate parts of your schedule.

Put simply, this means pre-recorded routines like garage doors, thermostats, and even coffee makers can be set to ensure you never have to worry about them again. Imagine coming home to a cozy home with custom LED lighting and gentle music automatically playing. Now imagine doing that every night. Now, stop imagining; this is a reality you could theoretically be doing TOMORROW.

In fact, the only part of your commute Homelink can’t completely de-stress is rush hour. You’ll still have to figure out rush hour on your own.

Sensus Navigation

Honest question: how did people even get around before GPS navigation? Systems like Google Maps have become such a ubiquitous part of driving that saying, “I’ll GPS it,” before getting in a car is tantamount to calling shotgun. Not all GPS systems are created equal, however. Mazda’s unique Sensus Navigation is perfect for drivers who want to graduate from fiddling with Google Maps to actually enjoying the drive. 

This system uses hard-drive-based maps that populate based on a variety of real-time data sources. Variables like traffic congestion, collisions, and road closures are all factored into route calculation to ensure the GPS is always providing the best possible route. In addition, it has a suite of helpful features like AI-driven voice navigation and the ability to set multiple destinations. 

Of course, there are countless other ways to accessorize your new Volvo car. Between custom Volvo upholstery and a variety of Volvo wheel kit options, the sky is truly the limit. Visit McDonald Mazda West today to learn more!