Here’s What to Keep in Mind for Car Safety in Lakewood

September 30th, 2021 by

Few things can ruin a good week like finding a new dent in a new car. 

Mazda cars are outfitted with some incredible safety features, and they come from a brand that’s world-famous for holding on to value. This means that if you take care of your Mazda car, it will continue to take care of you for years to come! 

However, doing this in Colorado comes with its own unique set of considerations. With how turbulent Colorado weather, roads, and drivers can be, there are an uncomfortably large amount of ways to accidentally pick up some scratches, dings, and damages throughout the year. 

To that end, let’s take a look at three of the most common sources of car damage in Lakewood, Colorado, along with ways that you can be mindful about preventing them! 

Fortune Favors the Prepared, Especially When Hail Is Involved

It can be tricky to predict hailstorms, especially in Colorado. For every one hailstorm that gets forecasted, several more seem to suddenly appear on otherwise sunny days. Given the risk that any amount of rain can randomly transform into hail during Colorado’s signature mid-summer storms, you generally don’t have time to react to hail until after it’s already falling. 

With that said, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure when it comes to protecting your car from hail. To that end, the single biggest thing that you can do to keep your car dent-free is parking it indoors, or at least under a roof, whenever possible. In the event that you don’t have any outdoor cover, then it’s worthwhile to buy a car cover, which can minimize the damage from most hailstorms. 

In this case, it’s always worth it to spring for a nicer car cover. No matter how steep the price tag on a fully insulated Mazda car cover is, it’s almost always going to be cheaper than covering any out-of-warranty bodywork on hail damage. 

Potholes Can Seem Minor, but the Damage Adds Up

Potholes are an especially tricky road hazard to navigate because they vary dramatically in their size, how visible they are, and the damage they can do to your car. At best, potholes are just speedbumps that give a quick little jolt to whoever is sitting in the passenger seat. No matter how minor they seem, however, it’s not advised to drive over them because even minor-looking ones can conceal some destroy-your-tire angles. 

In addition to damaging your tires, potholes can also damage your vehicle’s alignment. Given how frustrating (and expensive!) it can be to experience issues with either of these things, you always want to play it safe as far as potholes are concerned. 

If you’re on a road dotted with potholes, it helps to slow down so that you have more time to react to any surprises. For this reason, it’s also advised that you leave plenty of room behind the vehicle ahead of you so that you have time to see potholes before you have to react to them. In the event that your car does dip into a pothole, don’t slam on the brakes–just relax your speed and glide over it to minimize the risk of damaging your tires. 

You Can Probably Guess What Colorado’s Biggest Source of Weather Damage Is

There are no bonus points awarded for guessing what the #1 cause of car damage in Colorado is. In case you need a quick refresher: it’s white, cold, and has been recorded falling during every month of the year in Colorado at some point over the last century. 

Surviving the snow in Colorado isn’t a race, it’s a marathon. Keep this in mind because it’s a good reminder to be patient: both regarding car care and your behavior on the road. 

Just like with hail, it’s worth it to park indoors during snowy months, or at least under a cover if indoor parking isn’t available. In addition to piling up on cars and potentially causing damage, the cold air from snow can also sap your car’s battery. If nothing else, it’s worth it to keep your car safe and covered so that you don’t have to worry about brushing ice off your new Mazda in the cold dark of Colorado winter mornings. 

When you’re on the road, there’s no substitute for taking it slow and controlled. Your drive benefits from a suite of sophisticated Mazda safety features, but there’s no substitute for being calm and aware of any changing conditions–especially since snow seems to bring out the worst behavior in Colorado drivers!

New Mazda cars are incredible feats of engineering, and they’ll take care of you as long as you take care of them! By being mindful of potholes, hail, and snow, you can minimize your risk of experiencing some of the most common forms of car damage, saving you plenty of money and headache in the process! 

If you’d like even more insight into the amazing ways in which Mazda’s cutting-edge tech translates to an unparalleled driving experience, then visit McDonald Mazda West in Lakewood, Colorado today!