This Is What Sets Mazda’s Electric Vehicles Apart, As Shown By the Mazda MX-30

June 9th, 2022 by

Human and Vehicle Connection Propels Mazda to the Top

We all know that electric vehicles are the way of the future. In order to not just keep up, but to stay ahead of the competition, Mazda has worked hard on their lineup of EVs. But what is it about Mazda that makes these vehicles stand out? Let’s take a look at what sets them apart from other brands. We will be looking at Mazda’s first EV, the MX-30.

Fun to Drive

A car’s purpose is to get you where you’re going. But what makes a car more than just a form of transportation is the quality of drive. Mazda’s electric vehicles are a class above the rest, as the brand lives up to their mission of creating a car with great performance, on top of the safe and environmentally friendly performance.

The MX-30 emphasizes the connection between driver and vehicle. One way they achieve this is through their e-Skyactiv technology, which was specifically designed to perform with intuitive handling and a smooth ride. This electrification technology, paired with the electric G-Vectoring control, provides the driver with the best experience possible. The G-Vectoring control works to increase the natural driving feel by taking advantage of the electric motor.


Another thing about Mazda cars is they are stylish! This holds true when it comes to the MX-30. The design is both appealing and practical. This can be seen in the interior, which features a floating console and gauges that are designed with style and function in mind, as they are both fashionable and help the driver avoid distractions and keep their eyes on the road.

When it comes to the exterior, the stylish look and feel remain. As always, Mazda keeps their Kodo design philosophy in mind with this vehicle. Simplicity and elegance are clearly present in the design. The manufacturers ensured the vehicle was proportional, strong, and beautiful. This vehicle is a great example of Mazda’s new “Human Modern” design concept. We mentioned earlier that Mazda loves to connect the car to the driver, and this concept is another clear example of that idea. The style is further enhanced by the inclusion of pillarless freestyle doors, inspired by the RX-8.


Quality technology is always a useful tool to have in your vehicle, and it’s a tool that Mazda delivers. One good example of this is the battery charge status, which is shown on both the charging port and gauges. You can also view your charge status from your phone with the MyMazda app when you are not with your vehicle.

As far as infotainment goes, the MX-30 has an excellent system. With the integration of Apple CarPlay, drivers can access maps, playlists, contacts, and compatible apps seamlessly. They will display on the 8.8-inch full-color display. You can also access these with your voice through Siri. For Android users, you will find a comparable experience with Android Auto.

Other technology highlights include remote charging, remote climate control, the ability to search for charging stations, and a premium Bose®, among many other features.

By now, most people are well aware that Mazda has so much to offer. This is true across their lineup, including their first EV, the MX-30. We can’t wait to see what else the brand has in store for the years to come! The goal is for all Mazda vehicles to be electric by 2030, with at least 25% of them being pure-electric. If you are interested in learning more about Mazda’s lineup, visit us at McDonald Mazda West or schedule a test drive. We look forward to helping you select your next Mazda!

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