Here’s Why You Should ALWAYS Take Your Car to the Mazda Dealership for Service

March 1st, 2022 by

Mazda Dealership Service Centers Are Uniquely Equipped to Keep You on the Road

When you need to get your vehicle serviced, conventional wisdom says you’ve got two options: take your car to a service center or opt for a local garage.

We’re about to explain why there’s really only one option—and why it’s the easier, cheaper, and more reliable one!

Let’s take a look at why you should always choose a Mazda dealership service center when your Mazda’s service light comes on!

Your Dealership’s Service Center Knows Everything About Your Mazda

For obvious reasons, your local Mazda dealership is going to know a lot more about your car than your local garage will. Local garages need to service a wide variety of brands, makes, and model years, whereas a Mazda dealership is going to be significantly more focused on the service they do.

While your local garage has likely worked on Mazda cars before, it’s worth noting that these cars were likely sandwiched on a schedule that also includes Toyotas, Hondas, Fords, and Volkswagens. Each brand has its own unique set of engineering choices, and thus its own unique skill set. No matter how skilled your local mechanic is, their skill set is going to be spread pretty thin across a wide area.

By contrast, every mechanic at your Mazda dealership is required to be trained on every new Mazda model, and undergo ongoing certification tests. This is to ensure that the technicians who work on your car understand every square inch of it—and this, naturally, translates to a higher quality of service.

A Mazda Dealership Will Only Use OEM Parts

The quality of any replacement parts you put in your Mazda matters a lot for its long-term health. There are two distinct types of parts that a mechanic might install: OEM and Aftermarket parts. 

As mentioned in the heading, your dealership service center will only use OEM parts. This acronym stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer—and it’s an indication the parts are made by an automaker specifically for their cars. 

Meanwhile, aftermarket parts are lower-cost, “unofficial” counterparts that are often designed to fit into a variety of different vehicles. You can probably guess which one your local garage will use. You can also probably guess which one is better for your Mazda’s long-term health.

While aftermarket parts might seem appealing in the short term because they cost less money, those savings vanish the moment something breaks. After all, would you be more or less confident in a garage if they tell you that all of the new parts in your Mazda would also work in a Ford truck or Honda sedan? 

Incidentally, this isn’t the only way in which visiting the dealership service center saves you money in the long run. 

A Service Center Is Almost Always the More Affordable Option

If your new Mazda car is under warranty, there are good odds your visit to the service center will be entirely free! It doesn’t get more affordable than that! If your current Mazda is also your first, then you might be surprised by just how generous your new Mazda warranty is! As always, if you have any questions about your warranty coverage, your dealership will be able to answer them.

Even if your car isn’t covered by warranty, it will still likely end up being cheaper than visiting a neighborhood garage. While neighborhood garages have a reputation for being a cheaper alternative to dealership service centers, this is seldom the case. By working directly with Mazda, your dealership is able to source parts, expertise, and labor for far more affordable prices than a garage will charge!

There’s another critical way in which dealerships are more affordable than garages: any service done at a dealership is going to be of much higher quality. This means you’ll be able to go longer before having to bring your car in for service! Over the span of a car’s life, this translates to significant savings!

Of course, the best way to see why dealership service centers are the best option is to simply visit one! After having your new Mazda car serviced by the certified experts at McDonald Mazda West, you’ll wonder why you ever settled for anywhere else.

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